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"a holistic approach"




Finding inspiration from the beauty that shines within a soul, and combining it with her love and admiration for the greatest designer of all, nature, Whitney always brings her passion for recognizing and creating beauty.

With her foundation and training from Sassoon combined with over ten years of experience as a hairstylist, and her knowledge gained as a Reiki Master, Whitney has created a unique approach to hair. Utilizing reiki, lunar astrology, and other healing modalities, she creates an entire experience that heals the hair and uplifts the soul. Whitney truly listens to the hair as well as the individual as she paints, cuts, and carves.





Nestled into the hills of the Mount Washington neighborhood in Los Angeles and perched into the side of Moon Canyon sits this cozy by-appointment-only hair and wellness studio.

Conceptualized by Whitney Freidell, this private studio offers a serene escape from the traditional hair salon. Here, guests enter their sessions feeling grounded and connected to their intentions.

The intimate environment allows for the experience to be personalized to each individual, creating a space that feels special, sacred, and held.


"where beauty and wellness meet"


"always with love for the earth"


Holistic hair care is not only using natural products, it’s recognizing that our hair is directly related to our physical and spiritual health.

It is also the understanding that we are part of a larger ecosystem and realizing the products and tools that we use have an impact on our earth. Canyon and The Moon is determined to use resources with intention and leave as little footprint as possible.

In the shop, every item offered is carefully researched and tested before being added. Here we believe in small-batch, woman owned, locally produced, reusable packaging, clean and natural ingredients, ethically sourced, and organic botanicals.

In the studio, you will only find ammonia-free color along with biodegradable gloves and foils (no more aluminum or harmful chemicals).

All hair that ends up on the floor, no matter how little, is saved and donated to The Clean Wave Project, a non-profit that uses hair to clean up oil spills.

Here, we believe that hair should not end up in a landfill, but rather be gifted to the elements so it can be of service to the earth and its creatures once more.


Living by the moon is an age old practice that Whitney turns to when helping her clients book their sessions. Farmers prune and plant crops, sheer sheep, and cut trees according to the moon for better results and the same practice can be applied to hair. Utilizing lunar astrology along with biodynamics, Whitney finds the most auspicious date to align you with your intentions.

If you would like to schedule your session according to the moon, book a video consultation to discuss further or reach out here!


"Align with the rhythm of nature"